Can my employer fire me for union-organizing activities?

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Not so many decades ago, Pennsylvania was a state with many very active local unions. Over time and the collapse of Rust Belt industries like coal mining and steel production, the strength and power of unions waned considerably.

But some employees are striving to bring back unions to the state so that workers can enjoy the protections and benefits that they offer. Of course, companies typically are very anti-union because they realize that empowering their workforce is not in the companies’ best interests. So, what happens if you start to organize workers at your place of employment and encourage them to join a union? Can you be fired for unionizing?

No, you cannot be fired for unionizing

But don’t heave a big sigh of relief. Simply because your boss cannot legally fire you for union organizing does not mean that they will not derive some other reason for terminating you. Of course, they will never admit that they trumped up a reason to let you go, and you will need to prove that your termination was due to your union activities. This can be quite challenging on your part and not something you should attempt without guidance and professional advice.

What happens if your employer does fire you?

You have two choices — walking away or fighting back. Should you prevail in court, you could receive lost wages and return to your job. Is it worth fighting back? That is a determination only you can make. Remember that in the early days of unions, men fought and died for the right to belong to a labor union. Now, your fight will take place in a courtroom, so be fully prepared to advocate for your right to unionize.

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