What to ask at your child’s next IEP meeting

| Aug 14, 2021 | Education Law |

Your child has been diagnosed with a learning disorder, and that’s evolved into the need for an individualized education program (IEP) at school.

Ideally, you and your child’s educators will be on the same page — but life is usually far from ideal. Many educators act like an IEP is an unnecessary burden, especially if your child doesn’t fit the stereotypical image of someone with their condition.

Bearing that in mind, the next IEP meeting is your chance to communicate with your child’s educators face-to-face. You need to go in with the right questions if you want to set a positive tone and make it clear that you aren’t keen on passive parenting.

4 questions parents always need to ask educators

Take a notebook and a pen with you to the meeting so that you can jot down any important information and new questions you should ask. The following questions are a good place to start:

  1. What are the priority goals? There may be a huge list of behavioral and academic goals on the list, so you need to know what matters the most.
  2. What does progress look like? You need to know how progress on a goal is to be measured in practical terms, and what sort of timeline you can anticipate.
  3. What needs to be done at home? What’s your role in your child’s progress? Ask for specific, concrete suggestions that are clear.
  4. How and when can I reach my child’s educational team? You need to know exactly how you can discuss additional questions and concerns with your child’s teachers, physician therapist, counselor and others.

Your child has a right to a complete education, and there are protections offered under the law for children with special needs. If you’re in a dispute with the school over your child’s IEP, don’t hesitate to be proactive.

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