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You can tell a lot about a law firm by the results they get for their clients. At Olds George Law LLC, we work hard on behalf of each person we represent, and it shows. Working as a team, our lawyers have achieved an impressive record of results on behalf of our clients. A few examples include:

Parental Rights

Upon receipt of a report of suspected abuse or neglect, Child Welfare Services routinely tries to limit parents’ custody of their children or remove children from the home. Our cases have established that these deprivations cannot occur without a hearing.

  • We represented a mother whose daughter was removed by Child Welfare Services and transferred to the father without a hearing. We established that Child Welfare Services violated the mother’s procedural due process rights by depriving her of a hearing. Usually, the hearing must be provided within three days. We represented a father whose ex-spouse utilized the Child Welfare Services to interfere with his custodial rights by filing false reports of abuse. In this parental alienation case, we asserted that the policy of Child Welfare Services to interfere with custody cases, have ex parte contact with judges, or to stop a parent’s custody rights violated parent’s substantive due process rights.

Property Rights

  • We have represented landowners who believed the local borough was selectively enforcing its building codes and issuing occupancy permits in an arbitrary manner. We argued that such actions were a denial of equal protection of the laws and interfered with our clients’ use and enjoyment of their property.

False Arrest And Malicious Prosecution

  • We represented a community activist who was subjected to several arrests after she made complaints of police misconduct. We argued that the arrests were made without probable cause and violated the client’s Fourth Amendment right to be free from unlawful arrests.

Rights Of Government Employees

  • We represented a school district employee who was subject to retaliation because he opposed the racial discrimination suffered by African-American employees. Our client, who was Caucasian, was constructively discharged. We were able to establish to a jury that his treatment was retaliatory and secured a verdict for compensatory and punitive damages.
  • We represented an athletic coach at a university who was sexually harassed by the athletic director. We filed claims against the university under Title IX of the Education Act and Title VII of the Civil Rights Act. We were able to convince the university that the athletic director had violated these statutes.
  • We represented a school district employee who was a victim of age discrimination and retaliation for having made claims of poor treatment due to his age. A jury awarded compensatory and punitive damages in our client’s favor.
  • We filed a lawsuit on behalf of a schoolteacher, who was a victim of retaliation because she advised her principal that several young students were in need of testing under the Individuals With Disabilities Education Act and Section 504 Plans. It is illegal for a school district to retaliate against faculty members who speak up for children with special needs.
  • We filed a lawsuit on behalf of a male teacher who complained that he was denied promotional opportunities due to his gender. When he filed charges of discrimination, he was subject to retaliation. Employers may not retaliate against employees who oppose discrimination.


  • We represented two young female students who had been sexually molested by a faculty member. The faculty member was exposed, arrested and sentenced. We represented the girls in claims against the school district, asserting that the school district was aware of the faculty member’s proclivity toward molesting young female students and recklessly indifferent to that risk.
  • We represented a young girl who had been sexually assaulted by another student. After her mother reported the assault to the school, nothing was done. We asserted that our client’s rights under Title IX of the Education Act to be free from sexual harassment from other students was violated and established that the principal was recklessly indifferent to the plight of our client.

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