Representing Individuals With Civil Rights And Constitutional Law Issues

We live in a society that is governed by rules and laws that are meant to apply to all of us, even the government officials who are charged with enforcing or carrying out the laws. Unfortunately, and all too often, government representatives – police officers, school district officials or other government officials who have been given authority over our lives – are fallible and can be driven to abuse their authority and power. They might deny your rights for arbitrary or discriminatory reasons, or they might have been offended when you pointed out their misconduct or mistakes. Sadly, they might simply be bad people who are ready to victimize those over whom they have authority.

This victimization can take place on the job, in our schools or on our streets. It can take place if a government official wrongly denies a license or permit or takes action to deprive you of your professional license or certification. It might happen when a supervisor threatens an employee’s job or harasses an employee whom they supervise. It can also happen if school administrators retaliate against parents who have tried to secure rights for their children.

Some government representatives have the power to disrupt a family’s life and interfere with a parent’s relationship with their children.

Police officers may abuse their authority by carrying out personal vendettas, making false arrests or in the worst cases, use excessive force in a situation that calls for no force.

A person who is a victim of abuse of government power does have rights.

The First Amendment of the United States Constitution provides certain rights and freedoms to citizens including the freedoms of speech, press, religion, assembly and petition. The Fourteenth Constitutional Amendment provides due process of the law and equal protection under the law. Despite the rights and protections afforded under these Constitutional Amendments, certain individuals continue to suffer adverse actions at the hands of their employers, the government, law enforcement and other powerful entities.

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