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Education law is an umbrella term for state and federal laws that impact both students and school faculty. Issues involving education law can include a child’s right to a full and complete education, as well as the right of school faculty to be free of discriminatory treatment. These issues can touch on a number of different legal areas, which is why it is important to seek help from experienced lawyers who understand how to effectively resolve matters concerning education law.

At the law firm of Olds George Law LLC, our attorneys are dedicated to meeting the legal needs of people throughout North Hills and the greater Pittsburgh area. If you believe that your child’s right to an education is being denied or if you are a faculty member who is experiencing harassment or discrimination at work, we can help.

Legal Counsel For Educational Professionals And Students

Educational professionals: Faculty staff have some job protections through tenure and other rules. However, they may still find themselves subject to arbitrary or discriminatory treatment. Many of the issues encountered by educational professionals encompass employment law and civil rights law, both areas to which we have dedicated our legal practice.

Students: A full and complete education is a child’s gateway to a productive and satisfying life. Unfortunately, an appropriate education can be denied if a school district fails to recognize your child’s special needs or fails to devise programs to give your child the education they are entitled to under federal and state laws. In addition, bullying, sexual harassment, discrimination and false discipline can also impact your child’s right to a complete education. Parents can feel helpless when it comes to addressing these issues. The good news is, our attorneys are here to help.

We also represent students who are enrolled in college. When you have invested tens of thousands of dollars in your future, you cannot afford to have your education derailed by actions involving false discipline, student discipline, arbitrary practices or discrimination. You have rights. We can help you assert them, keeping you on track to achieve your goals.

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Whether your child is being denied the right to an education, or if you are being discriminated against as a college student or educational professional, we are here for you. To schedule a consultation to discuss your situation, call us at 412-492-8975 or contact us online.

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