Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Education Law In Pennsylvania

Conflicts involving education can have serious ramifications for a student’s future. Parents and students of all ages may have vital questions about their rights and legal options. At Olds George Law LLC, we focus on providing detailed counsel for education law issues. If you encounter an issue with administrative policies or actions, call our attorneys for personalized representation.

What can I do if my child is bullied in school?

Bullying can make students feel unsafe – and sometimes leads to severe physical and mental trauma. Pennsylvania state laws require schools to take certain steps against bullying. However, schools may still have different policies from one another, which may be more or less effective. Seeking a remedy through civil court may be appropriate if a bully has harmed your child. In addition to providing your family with justice, lawsuits may compel schools to develop more comprehensive anti-bullying policies and resources for children.

What should I do if I have been dismissed from my undergraduate or graduate program?

Students are entitled to some procedural protections before being dismissed from an undergraduate or graduate program. You should review your student handbook to determine what rights you have prior to attending disciplinary meetings. You should also educate yourself on how you can appeal from a dismissal. Ideally, you should have an attorney involved before the internal dismissal process is exhausted, as such decisions are rarely reversed by courts. At Olds George Law LLC, we have helped numerous students successfully navigate this stressful process, and we’re here to help you too.

Is there anything I can do to extend the amount of time I have to complete my graduate program and/or dissertation?

Carefully review your institution’s policies and deadlines for program extension; every institution has its own rules for granting an extension. In most cases, a student must prove extraordinary circumstances, such as a medical condition or loss of a family member. At Olds George Law, we have assisted numerous students during this time of uncertainty.  We offer a variety of services such as reviewing policies, gathering information, completing forms and communicating on the student’s behalf. If you are at risk of dismissal due to incompletion of their program, we may be able to help.

I’ve been accused of an academic integrity violation. What do I do now?

Accusations of misconduct, cheating, plagiarism or any other violation are serious. While they typically do not involve criminal charges, it is important to treat these accusations in a similar way by securing legal defense. A student defense attorney can help you gather evidence in your favor. They can also review the administrative procedures of your institution and represent you in hearings. Do not discuss the accusations with anyone other than your lawyer. Because the possible consequences may jeopardize your degree, approaching your defense with the utmost care is critical.

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