Ensuring Educational Professionals Rights Are Protected

When you have dedicated your life to educating others, it can be devastating to find your career and reputation are at risk due to employment or disciplinary issues. It is essential that you take steps to protect your rights and your future with the help of lawyers who have experience in a wide range of legal practice areas that can impact educational professionals.

At the law firm of Olds George Law LLC, our attorneys handle all cases involving education law, including issues surrounding employment law and civil rights law. With decades of experience, we are here to provide you with the legal advocacy you need and deserve.

Protecting The Rights Of School Faculty

While teachers and other educational professionals are often granted some job protection rights, this does not mean that they are immune from arbitrary or discriminatory treatment that haunts other professions. Administrators may use observations, performance improvement plans and other tools as cover for discriminatory and unlawful actions. Educators may also experience discrimination and harassment on the part of their co-workers.

When it comes to these issues, our employment law knowledge combined with our education law and civil rights practice can be invaluable. We have successfully held school districts, universities and colleges accountable for violating the rights of our clients.

Contact Us For Dedicated Education Law Counsel

If you are facing an employment issue with an educational institution, we have the experience and knowledge to help protect your rights. To schedule a consultation, call our law offices in the North Hills area of Pittsburgh at 412-492-8975. You may also contact us online.

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